Women's Wealth Building Program

Program Purpose

With our community's strong refugee population brings the challenges of starting life in a foreign country. As a result our community faces one of the highest poverty rates in Minneapolis. The challenges of building wealth are particularly difficult for immigrant and refugee women who juggle household responsibilities on top of other challenges they confront. 

Through a small cohort assembled from the community, immigrant women will identify the skills and resources they deem necessary in order to develop their entrepreneurial skills and begin accumulating wealth for themselves and their families. CRNRP will coordinate with the cohort to locate and schedule culturally appropriate trainings and resources identified by the women themselves. Through these effort, women will develop valuable skills to better prepare them for future wealth building and, in turn, improve the earning capacity of the Cedar Riverside neighborhood.

CRNRP's initiative bundles services for an integrated, customized approach to our participant's challenges and opportunities including: 

  • Job and career planning/coaching
  • Entrepreneurship training/technical support
  • Computer literacy training
  • Financial literacy training
  • Individual Development Accounts
  • Leadership development
  • Building social capital
  • Navigating government and social service resources


We are looking for your help

We are looking for volunteers in the community who have the knowledge and networks of resources to contribute and guide our women's wealth building program. Volunteer on our women's wealth building advisory group!


For further details and program information, please contact Hani Mohamed (MohamedH@puc-mn.org or 612-876-9348)

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