Vacant House Recycling Program

Learn more about the City's Vacant House Recycling Program (VHRP) at one of the program's recently rehabilitated houses!

The City of Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development Department (CPED) and Wilson Molina are hosting an open house to feature a property that was recently rehabilitated through the City's Vacant Housing Recycling Program (VHRP). The VHRP is a city-wide program that sells vacant and abandoned structures and lots for the purpose of creating new infill housing opportunities. We encourage you and your neighborhood residents to attend if you are interested in learning more about this program. 

If you are unable to attend due to the event timing, but encounter developers or residents who are interested in the Vacant Housing Recycling Program, please refer the city webpage, which features an interactive map of property that is currently available through the program. Staff would also be happy to give you more details about this program and there is a place on the website to sign up for program updates. 



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