Our Work

Neighborhood Safety

Safety is an issue that affects all of us living and working on the West Bank. Our monthly safety committee provides a forum through which all community residents and participants can speak to members of law enforcement and other neighborhood organizations and leaders on topics of safety. Report an safety issues to the safety committee and participate in neighborhood safety walks to help establish a stronger presence of safety on the West Bank. Safety is a collaborative effort with benefit for all!

Immigrant Women's Wealth Building

Through a cohort model, CRNRP will recruit women from the community to participate in a program to identify their specific challenges and skills important form them to improve on. CRNRP will coordinate with the cohort to locate and schedule culturally appropriate trainings and seminars on topics identified by the women. By the end of the program, women from our community will have developed valuable skills to better prepare them for future financial goals and improve the earning capacity of Cedar Riverside.

Early Childhood Education

To support educational and life long success for all West Bank children, CRNRP has been awarded a Bush Community Innovation grant to conduct a project to determine what early childhhood education resources are most needed in our community. CRNRP is convening an extensive community engagement process with local educators, leaders, residents, parents, and stakeholders to raise up those priorities and develop work plans to bring the necessary resources to the West Bank. The project is expected to last 18 months starting in late summer of 2016 and continuing through the end of 2017. CRNRP and our project partners at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs will need strong community participation to successfully identify and prioritize our unique opportunities and challenges!

Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) Funds Distribution

In addition to our programs listed above, CRNRP is responsible for distributing the remaining allocation of NRP funds provided by the City of Minneapolis. CRNRP is the vehicle to organize and direct community-driven efforts in order to implement the strategies defined in the Cedar Riverside NRP Plan.

CRNRP funds are to be used in accordance with the Phase II priorities that the Cedar Riverside community identified through an extensive engagement process in prior years. CRNRP is not a re-granting organization; potential NRP proposals must address one of the following priorities:

  • Expand or improve youth and elders' services, programs
  • Expand or improve greens paces, community spaces
  • Establish arts and culture as a focus to build social and civic connections among various groups in the community
  • Support a vibrant business community that serves the needs of the neighborhood
  • Ensure safe, decent affordable housing for all residents
  • Provide leadership development opportunities