Our Board

Our Board of Directors are West Bank community residents, workers, students, and business and property owners who come from diverse careers, cultures, backgrounds, and locations within our neighborhood. See a map of Board member areas.

 2018 CRNRP Board of Directors  

Board Member Representation Term Expiry Date
Bill Palmquist (President) Seven Corners/1 of 2 Jan 2020 -
Fartun Del (Vice President) At Large Jan 2021 - elected
Liban Alishire (Treasurer) Business/1 of 3 Jan 2021 -
Mohamed Salad (Secretary) Youth Jan 2020 - elected
Ali Duale Riverside Plaza/1 of 4 Jan 2021 -
Halimo Hassan Riverside Plaza/2 of 4 Jan 2021
Nasro Hassen Riverside Plaza/3 of 4 Jan 2021
Mary Mellen Riverside Park Jan 2020 - elected
Abdi Mohamed Cedars Jan 2021
Zev Radziwill Seven Corners/1 of 2 Jan 2020 - appointed
Aliwiyo Warsame Riverside Plaza/4 of 4 Jan 2021 - elected
Isaq Yusuf Cedar East  
Vacant Business/2 of 3  
Vacant Business/3 of 3  
Vacant Small Business/Non Homesteaded Property  

Want to Join Our Board?

We are always looking for active participants on our Board and have vacant positions to fill! You can download our Board member application here.