Neighborhood Equity and Issues Forum

The purpose of the Neighborhood Equity and Issues Forum is to provide a community platform to discuss issues relating to ensuring equitable outcomes for Cedar Riverside residents.

When? 3rd Tuesday each month at 6 pm in the Brian Coyle Center.

The Neighborhood Equity and Issues forum will provide an opportunity for community members to voice their concerns and discuss/propose strategies to address issues of equity and livability on the West Bank. Subject areas may include tenant’s rights, youth programs, elder programs, beautification, arts related projects, support for the business community, environmental and green space issues, and leadership development. Community members can expect a variety of responsibilities depending on the issues discussed within the forum.

This forum is the primary vehicle through which community members initiate the process to request NRP financial support to address issues referenced above. Forum committee members therefore need to be familiar with the varied steps of the NRP policies and process so they can inform community members how to proceed.

Review our guide to accessing Cedar Riverside NRP Funds. CRNRP is not a re-granting organization and proposals for NRP funding must support the priorities outlined in the 2012 Phase II Action Plan.

In December 2015, in order to address neighborhood challenges and opportunities, the West Bank community voted to prioritize six strategies drawn from our 2012 Phase II Action Plan. Community members can make proposals through the Equity and Issue Forum to request funding to implement these strategies. Proposals must follow one of these six strategies within the Phase II neighborhood action plan in order to be eligible for consideration:

  • Expand or improve youth and elders’ services, programs
  • Expand or improve green spaces, community spaces
  • Establish arts and culture as a focus to build social and civic connections among various groups in the community
  • Support a vibrant business community that serves the needs of neighborhood
  • Ensure safe, decent, affordable housing for all residents
  • Provide leadership development opportunities


Neighborhood Equity and Issues Forum Chair: Nasser Mussa, FAIM Coordinator for Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties and neighborhood resident.

Interested in joining the Neighborhood Equity and Issues Forum? Contact Sam Nichols for further information ( or 612-876-9311).

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