Get Involved and Volunteer

The CRNRP encourages you to participate in events, activities, neighborhood groups and organizations that support and celebrate our community and the people who make it a great play to live, work, and play.  Your engagement in the neighborhood will bring you many benefits, including:

  1. Getting to know more about the neighborhood and meeting many wonderful, civic minded people who share your passion for the West Bank;
  2. Learning about resources and opportunities available to members of our community;
  3. Having a say in decisions made about the community and how resources are allocated;
  4. Staying in touch with new developments in the area;
  5. Getting updates on arts, culture, entertainment, and other community events; and
  6. Feeling safer, better informed, and more in touch with your neighbors, your neighborhood, and your city.

If you’re looking for additional reasons to get involved, check out this link to a host of research projects from the University of Minnesota’s C.H.A.N.C.E. program that suggest many possible topics of interest and ways for you to get involved.


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