Early Childhood Education Initiative

Program Purpose

Our community is a vibrant and young neighborhood that unfortunately lacks the appropriate resources for the many young families to educate their children. Many of the women in our community do not have the time or resources to be able to pursue a career or other employment opportunities because of the responsibility of childcare and lack of local resources.

CRNRP is taking the initiative to convene community members and partners for an extensive engagement process with the Cedar Riverside residents in need of early childhood educational resources.The engagement process is necessary to identify the specific resources community members have expressed the need for in order to locate and connect those resources to the community in a culturally competent manner. The engagement process will take place over an 18 month period and needs strong community participation to accurately address our community's needs. 

We are looking for your help

We are at the early stages of our engagement process right now and community participation is key laying the foundation for the rest of the program. We are looking for volunteers to assist CRNRP in this endeavor. 

Early Childhood Education Advisory Group

Our 18 month engagement process will need the guidance from a group of dedicated community members who will monitor the process and progress to ensure a successful project outcome. Advisory Group members will attend the monthly meeting to achieve a certain level of continuity in the process. Volunteers will advise and support the effective implementation of these plans through a variety of efforts including community engagement, organizing, surveying, planning, and assessing. 

Early Childhood Education Task Force

In addition to advisory group members, we are looking for individuals who can assess the work of the advisory group, deliberate, and make key decisions necessary for the implementation of the 18 month project plan. Task Force members must be able to work as part of a team to analyze and come to a consensus on decisions. 

For more details please contact Sam Nichols at NicholsS@puc-mn.org or 612-876-9311


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