Early Childhood Education Advisory Group

The purpose of the Early Childhood Education Advisory Group is to support CRNRP plans to increase early childhood education resources in the West Bank neighborhood.

When? 2nd Thursday each month at 6 pm in the Brian Coyle Center.

CRNRP is planning to convene a community process with a goal of increasing early childhood education resources on the West Bank. CRNRP has developed an 18-month project outline with specific activities and anticipated outcomes that require extensive community input and participation. Committee members will monitor project progress, advise and support the effective implementation of these plans through a variety of efforts, including community engagement, organizing, surveying, planning, and assessing. 

Early Childhood Education Advisory Group Chair: Abdirahman Mukhtar, Youth Program Manager at the Brian Coyle Center and neighborhood resident.

Past Early Childhood Education Advisory Group minutes

Interested in joining the Early Childhood Education Advisory Group? Contact Sam Nichols for further information (NicholsS@puc-mn.org or 612-876-9311).

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