CRNRP Awarded Bush Foundation Grant for Early Childhood Education

Cedar Riverside Neighborhood Revitalization Program Awarded $68,000 Community Innovation grant from Bush Foundation for Early Childhood Education


Minneapolis, MN, Monday, June 20th, 2016—The Cedar Riverside Neighborhood Revitalization Program (CRNRP) has been awarded approximately $68,000 from the Bush Foundation’s Community Innovation grant program to increase early childhood educational resources in the Cedar Riverside Neighborhood.

In addition to early childhood educational development, CRNRP has prioritized neighborhood safety and is developing an immigrant women’s wealth building program to help alleviate one of the city’s highest neighborhood poverty rates of over 50%.

CRNRP’s early childhood education initiative will be a convening process bringing resources, community partners and key stakeholders to participate in an 18 month project. The process will require extensive community input and participation in order to plan specific activities and meet anticipated outcomes.

“It is really great news for CRNRP and our new plans to serve the community. Its wonderful news” said chair of CRNRP Nasser Mussa.

“It is really good, very exciting! We have never received a grant of this size and fundraising is challenging. This is great news for the community and will open a lot of doors for us” said executive director Hani Osman Mohamed.

“I thought thank goodness! This Bush Community Innovation award is a wonderful affirmation of the hard work and planning by CRNRP board and staff to bring more early childhood education resources to families on the West Bank,” said program development officer Dave Alderson.

CRNRP is a neighborhood based nonprofit in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis that builds partnerships and encourages citizen engagement to address community defined initiatives that promote a strong, safe, and economically thriving West Bank community.

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The full list of Bush Foundation Community Innovation grant recipients can be found on the Bush Foundation website.

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