Annual Meeting Tonight - Agenda & Voter Information

Our Annual Meeting, Board of Directors elections, and plan modification vote is tonight at 6pm in the Brian Coyle Center!

Join us for our Annual Meeting and Board of Directors Elections on at 6 pm, December 15th at the Brian Coyle Center! We will be presenting organizational accomplishments and our 3 year strategic plan for the future of CRNRP. 

CRNRP is also requesting your support of our recently completed strategic plan.  We ask for your vote to reallocate $255,000 of NRP funds to support implementation of programs in three key areas: early childhood education, building wealth and assets for immigrant families (with a focus on women) and increasing safety and social connections.

 Important Voter Information

  • In accordance to our by laws, only voters who registered 15 days in advance of our Annual Meeting are will be permitted to vote in the board of directors election


  • All community members, as defined by our by laws, are permitted to vote on the plan modification of NRP funds as described above. Eligible voters must bring proof of membership (driver’s license/state ID, business card/pay stub from place of employment, student ID, etc.) There was no registration for the plan modification vote.




Cedar Riverside Neighborhood Membership and voter eligibility according to our by laws:

Article III Membership, Section 1 Eligibility: Natural persons are eligible for membership in the corporation who are sixteen(16) years of age or older and can demonstrate (a) residency by producing a Minnesota driver's license, Minnesota identification card or other residency verification of individual residence within the Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood ("the Neighborhood") as defined by the City of Minneapolis, or proof of enrollment at an accredited school located within the neighborhood, or (b) proof of ownership or interest in a business or lease of a business or real property, or proof of being employed by a nonprofit organization,  business, or government entity located in the Neighborhood, or (c) who resides within the geographic boundaries of a the Neighborhood or meets membership criteria but lacks the  documentation required, but a member who has the required documentation identified in (a) or (b) above vouches for the individual. 

Section 2. Membership: Eligible persons shall be accepted into membership by attending an Annual Meeting, by contacting the corporation in writing, by attending a meeting of the Board of Directors (the "Board") or signing in at a committee meeting or at an event or festival, or by other mechanisms established by resolution of the Board. Members shall have the right to vote as individuals at Annual Meetings in accordance with Article IV Sec. 1 and at Special Meetings of Members in accordance with Article IV Sec. 5. No dues shall be required for membership or exercise of membership rights.  Only persons who are members of record as of at least fifteen (15) days prior may vote at a meeting of members. Board Members shall serve no more than 3 consecutive 2-year terms or until such time as the individual no longer meets the criteria of Section 1 of this Article, or they voluntarily resign their membership. 


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