Annual Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who attended and volunteered at our Annual Meeting on Tuesday, December 15th!

The Cedar Riverside NRP held its Annual Board Meeting at Brian Coyle Community Center on December 15th at 6 pm. 90 people attended the meeting, of which 66 cast votes for board members and 67 for our plan modification request. 

Board elections went smoothly as the community voted in five board members, including three new ones and two returning ones.  After a heated, but exciting discussion, the highlight of the meeting came when community members voted to approve the CRNRP proposed Plan Modification. 

This Plan Modification allocates $255,000 to address a number of neighborhood priorities raised up in previous engagement, focus group meetings with neighborhood residents, businesses and stakeholders, and a strategic planning processs. While many other priorities will be addressed with this plan modification, Early Childhood EducationWealth and Asset Building for Immigrant Women, and Neighborhood Safety and Civic Connections will be CRNRP’s focus for growing our capacity to serve the neighborhood

We are excited to welcome three new board members and two returning ones:

- Mubashir Jeilani  (Resident Riverside Plaza)

- Kowsar Mohamed  (U of M Student)

- Ayub Farah  (Mixed Blood Theater)

- Abdirahman Mukhtar  (Riverside Park)

- Phill Kelly (Seven Corners)

We thank neighborhood residents and other stakeholders for their participation and lending their voices to advance the issues that affect them. We look forward to forward to yet another exciting and productive year to work diligently in serving the neighborhood and its residents.

**We would like to apologize for any questions we were unable to answer at the meeting. We encourage any lingering questions about the Annual Meeting, plan modification, board of directors, or our organization in general to be forwarded to Ryan Justak at 612.876.9311 or 

Election and Plan Modification Vote Results


Plan Modification Vote:

67 Ballots

  • 37 Yes
  • 21 no
  • 9 no vote indicated


Board of Directors Elections:

66 Ballots 

-1 Ballot completed improperly 

  • Business/Nonprofit/Organization
    • Abdirizak Said - 6 votes
    • Ayub Farah - 8 votes
  • Plaza Area 
    • Mubashir Jeilani - 21
    • Rukia Abdi - 11
  • Student 
    • Kowsar D. Mohamed - 13
    • Molly Monica Dubois - 5
  • Seven Corners
    • Phillip Kelly - 1
  • Riverside Park 
    • Abdirahman Mukhtar - 1
  • Non-Homesteaded Property Owner 
    • Vacant


For more information or inquiries about our work, please feel free to contact our staff Hani Mohamed, David and Ryan at 612-876-9311


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